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Portrait of a Gentleman, circa 1720 Dutch, oil on canvas
Circle of Arnold Boonen (1669-1729)

A good quality bust length portrait of a gentleman depicted in a brown coat, white neckerchief, and red mantle.  He wears a voluptuous blonde wig with a long club tied lovelock to the side.  The painting is comparable with works by the Dutch prolific painter Arnold Boonen on the ground of the handling, pose, and costume.  It dates to about 1720 and appears to be by an artist from his circle most notably Philip van Dijk (1683-1753) who was his pupil.  Van Dijk went on to become official painter to the court of Landgrave William VIII of Hesse and then to Prince of Orange William IV.

Arnold Boonen (1669–1729), the well-regarded portraitist born in Dordrecht and active in Amsterdam from 1696.  Boonen was a prolific and talented artist and painted some of the greatest members of society such as the Elector of Brandenburg, later King Frederick I of Prussia, the Duke of Marlborough, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, and Prince William IV of Orange-Nassau.

Measurements: Height 90cm, Width 75cm framed (Height 35.5”, Width 29.5” framed)

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